Itinerary of the
monumental olive trees


Starting from the magnificent setting of the historic center of Nardò, one arrives in the Regional Natural Park of Portoselvaggio and Palude del Capitano admiring the magnificent villas with their secret gardens, medieval farmhouses and the trunks sculptures of the centuries-old trees of Neretini olive trees

Itinerary of the

gentilitial villas

in Cenate


A suggestive itinerary among the elegant gardens of the neoclassical, eclectic and medieval villas in the monumental area of the Cenate di Nardò.

The secrets of

the noble palaces

in Nardò


A tour through the courts of noble palaces, court palaces and Aragonese castle with its garden to discover numerous secrets of the historic and noble Neretine families.

of the farms and the coastal towers

The tour includes a visit to the fortified and non-fortified farms that have preserved the architecture and defense typical of the medieval period.

The bell towers

of Nardò


The itinerary offers evocative views over the whole of the Nardò territory from the top of the numerous and ancient carparo bell towers of the main churches of Nardò.

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Secret gardens

An evocative itinerary, in a magnificent garden, where art and vegetation get married to create an enchanted scenario.

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