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The Relais Monastero Santa Teresa is a unique place to celebrate your marriage in the rooms of Moyen Age with the many baroque sculptures of Giovanni Maria Tarantino.

You can combine the ceremony and the wedding reception in one

seul et même endroit.

Render Palazzo Zuccaro.jpg
Santa Teresa Monastery

Size 30 m long and 15 m large

Salle Carmelite

Large cheerful piece with cheminée and columns sculpted in stone from Lecce. Equally ideal for conferences and banquets..

Santa Teresa Monastery

Dimensions: 30 m long and 18 m large

Salle de l'Eglise

Piece with 8 m of hauteur and only made up of a splendid mosaic

Santa Teresa Monastery

Dimensions: 32 m long over 18 m large

Salle Giovanni Maria Tarantino

Very elegant piece with 12 m high volumes or decorations in stone from the 16th century by the architect-sculptor Giovanni Maria Tarantino

Santa Teresa Monastery

Size 20 m long and 12 m large

Music Hall

Extremely beautiful piece with only one mosaic structure, 8 m high plafond with a high profile and great freshness.

Plan du rez-de-chaussée

avec disposition of the table


Bureau de l'état civil

Plan the first stage in the music room with conference chairs

music room plan.jpg
Santa Teresa Monastery
Santa Teresa Monastery
Santa Teresa Monastery
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