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Sanfelice comfort apartment

Comfortable apartment with double bed in the rooms and a beautiful view of the old Franciscan monastery. The only one is recovered from old carreaux of ciment and mosaic. The layout of a private cuisine and a dining room in a magnificent winter garden.


Giannelli Suite

In the past, there is the chamber of the royal attorney Antonio De Mitri. The suns are of origin in «cocciopesto» in the bedroom and in marvelous mosaics in the bathroom. The view with fresh origin and the view of the balcony facing the façade of the magnificent church of the Immaculate symbolizes the unique characteristics of the end.


De Mitri Suite

This room is occupied by Maria Zuccaro De Mitri, the agent of the royal family. The characteristics are the one you will always discover from a fresh place, the sun in "cocciopesto" and mosaics, the secret passage allowing you to access the church of Santa Teresa and finally you will find it in an ancient church.


Zuccaro Suite

Excellent solution for long stays or for families that can be used in both the kitchen and simple bedroom. The suns are in mosaics in the bathroom and parquet in the bedroom. La vue donne sur la cour médiévale.


Isabella Suite

Room with your favorite woman in the garden inside the palace. Surface of 45 square meters. The bathroom is in the classic style of Salento with a stone sink.


Sambiasi Suite

This spacious bedroom of 60 m2 is the bedroom of Baron Gio Francesco Sambiasi. Characterized by a star view, from the ancient sun and a southern exposure under the sun with the terrace and view of the ancient garden of the palace. Once you have left the balcony of this piece, you can see the sun within 4 km and the baron can check all the domains. The old tour was transformed into double circulation.


Suite Maremonti

Today, there was the bedroom of the noble Isabella Maremonti, épouse of baron Gio Francesco Sambiasi. The Maremonti emblem is sculpted in the large hall on the backside. Room with your own pavilion, parquet in the room and only antique in the spacious bathroom with two wooden furniture transformed into sinks. The old reservoir containing the oil for the lamp was transformed into baignoire. Le petit balcony donne sur le jardin lateral du palais.


Santa Teresa Suite

In 1678, there was the chamber of the sister Teresa Adami. Very bright room with a small terrace overlooking the town. The old reservoir containing historic oil for the lamp was transformed into a wastebasket.


Imperial Suites

Room with free and fresh pompéienne red color, only on parquet and mosaics. Benefiting from a pleasant southern exposure, note thanks to the balcony offering a pleasant view on the ancient garden of the monastery.


Carafa Suite

Double room with 9m ceiling, high decoration and beautiful freshness, only with parquet and mosaics. The internal surface is 60 m2 while the surface of the private terrace is 40 m2. Bright, calm, equipped with a bed and an extra bed in the French style, this bedroom is ideal for a family with children



Deluxe suite
Norman castle

Prestigious 80 m² suite built in the vestiges of the ancient Château Normand, with exclusive access to the outdoor swimming pool and view of the monumental garden. The Suite will accommodate you in a unique and elegant environment, composed of a living room, a double bedroom with king size bed and a bathroom with large bathroom in old style and double bed. The patio surrounding your villa allows you to spend moments of pure pleasure.

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Appartement de luxe Stable

Prestigious Suite of 70 m² built

dans l'écurie de l'ancien Château Normand,

with exclusive access to the outdoor swimming pool

et au monumental garden with verger.

The Suite will accommodate you in a unique and elegant environment, composed of an exclusive cuisine, a double bedroom with a king size bed,

a bathroom with shower and a relaxation area

with great knowledge of ancient style.

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Blue Suite

This elegant 45 m² suite is located in the premier age of the magnificent "Palazzo Manieri". She has a large common street space and freshly painted plafonds to cook the souffle.
The highest wishes, the antique suns and the magnificent jewels allow you to spend unforgettable days in full comfort.


Pink Suite

This 40 m² suite will be stored on an elegant bed, with views over the cathedral.

It is located at the premier stage of the marvelous "Palazzo Manieri", with a large communal lounge and fresh plafonds to cover the souffle. Les hautes voûtes, les soles antiques

and the magnificent furniture allows you to spend unforgettable days enjoying all the comfort.


Apartment with terrace

Wonderful 80 m² apartment in the first building of the "Palazzo Manieri", with a large common lounge and magnificent ceilings or fresques.
Composed of a double bedroom with large double plafonds, a double lounge with double bed, a private kitchen and a large meublée terrace, it allows you to pass several long/long lounges on an unmistakable bed relaxing.


Appartement Manieri -Tafuri

Ideal solution for families,

a comfortable apartment

with one cuisine and two bedrooms

with private bathrooms.

Ideal for long stays.

Rooms with voûtes in étoile et in berceau.


Relax flat

Excellent solution for long stays. Ideal for families. Petit apartment with same cuisine, bedroom, living room and pleasant terrace with view on the corridors of the palace and the toits of the glises.


Baronial Suite

Ideal solution for more people with two pieces: a double bedroom with a canopy and a bedroom with jumeaux.

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Rooms in the typical style of Salento with all of them having apparent poutres, only on parquet in the room and carreaux de ciment in the living room.


Suite Mignano

Extremely elegant suite with direct access to the «Mignano» (historic balcony here allowing the ladies of the heart to attend religious rites without being seen).


Superior Vico

Room of 50 mètres carrés
avec deux petites salles de bain

and a small terrace,
characterized by a parquet
à l'étage supérieur

et des carreaux de ciment
au rez-de-chaussée dans la salle de bain.

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