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After years studying and working around the world, I decided to come back to my “sleeping beauty”: Nardò. An art city, rich in palaces, towers, eclectic villas, castles, farms, monumental gardens and natural parks. It's extended on a territory of 33 km, 23 of which on the coast with a crystalline and unpolluted sea; a real melting pot of Greek, Roman, Norman, Spanish and French dominations.

I decided to restore my monumental palaces, to open them to culture and to share the “beauty” with the most exacting traveller.

Thus, the first Albergo Diffuso in Nardò arose. It offers his guests the possibility of staying in the splendid rooms, rich in history, of the three palaces, once inhabited by numerous eminent figures of the aristocracy from the Kingdom of Naples, from the Two Sicilies and the ecclesiastical world.

The traveler has the opportunity to dine in the exquisite restaurant of the chain Chateaux Hotel Collection, discovering Salento tastes and enjoying the panoramic view from the terraces of the palace with "Mignano". He could also admire and perhaps buy the artworks of the temporary and permanent exhibition in the majestic halls of the Monastero Santa Teresa, dominated by the sculptures created by Giovanni Maria Tarantino. On the noble floor of the Sambiasi palace – former Santa Teresa Monastery - in the large frescoed halls, one can lose oneself in reading an interesting book from the international library. The most demanding travelers can stay in the deluxe rooms with access to the garden with the citrus grove and to the private pool.

Antonello Rizzello, President and founder of the association "Dimore Storiche Neretine" (Nardò's Historic Houses), organizes many cultural events and guided tours among noble palaces, castles, gentile and eclectic villas, masserie and secret gardens.

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