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A few years after studying and working in the world's park, I decide to return to the beautiful sleeping wood : Nardò; art villas, rich palaces, medieval tours, éclectique villas, châteaux, Moyen Age farms ( Farms ), classy gardens, nature parks on a territory of 33 km with 23 km of coasts with a crystalline sea and a pure nature exceptionnelle; a true melting pot between Greek, Roman, Norman, Spanish and French dominations.

I decide to restore the palaces classed as historic monuments and to discover the culture and share the "beauty" with the most demanding voyageur. Nor even the premier «Albergo Diffuso» on the territory of Nardò, offering to its guests the possibility of staying in splendid rooms riches in history parmi les trois palais, habités jadis par de numerous illustrious figures of the aristocracy of the royal family of Naples, des Deux-Siciles et du monde ecclésiastique.

The traveler has the possibility of dining at the excellent restaurant near the Châteaux Hôtels Collection chain, to discover the Salento savings of the region, with a panoramic view on the terraces of the medieval palaces with "Mignano" (historic balcony here permitted aux dames de la cour d'assister aux rites religious sans être vues).

You can also admire and take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the art works from the temporary and permanent exhibition in the magnificent rooms of the Relais Monastero Santa Teresa, decorated with the sculptures of Maria Giovanni Tarantino, pioneers of baroque art.

At the noble age of the Sambiasi palace (ex Santa Teresa Monastery), in the music room there is a splendid fresco and a gigantic mosaic in the sun, on which to take advantage of the opportunity to sit in the lecture. 'un livre de la bibliothèque internationale.

The most demanding travelers here seek a high-end encore room, exclusive access to the swimming pool and to a private garden adorned with citrus fruits to visit the Palais Zuccaro.

Antonello Rizzello, president and founder of the «Demeures Historiques Nérétines» association, organizes numerous cultural events and guided visits to the palais, châteaux, éclectique villas, «Masserie» and the secret gardens on the Nardò territory.

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